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5 Attributes of a Top Performer

One of my favorite ''Rules'' of life is the 80-20 Rule because it can be applied to so many things. In expenditure of effort, it states that 80 percent of the benefit comes from 20 percent of the work. While that last 20 percent of benefit will take you 80 percent of the work. Or, it can be applied to success. 20 percent of the salespeople make 80 percent of the sales, and thus 80 percent of the profits. Or 20 percent of your customers account for 80 percent of your sales. Or 20 percent of the people make 80 percent of the money. The trick is getting into that top 20 percent. So how do you do that?

Successful people capitalize on their strengths. They know their current and potential talents and focus on them. They learn and grow as much as they can in these areas and concentrate all their energy on them. They take themselves out of the ranks of the ordinary into a group of extraordinary performers.

Success comes from doing what you are ideally suited to do -- doing what you love. What drives you and motivates you leads to success. Not only will you be monetarily successful, but you will also be happier and more self-fulfilled.

So what are the 5 key attributes of a top performer?

  • They are self-reliant. They say, ''If it's meant to be, it's up to me.'' They don't blame others for their problems, but ask, ''what can I do differently to bring greater success?''
  • They have an attitude of self-employment. Even if they work for someone else, they see themselves as self-employed. They see themselves as president of their own personal company. They sell themselves and work to make themselves indispensable to their employers and customers.
  • They continually learn, adapt and develop their skills. They see their ability to earn as their most valuable asset. They look to the future and adapt to changing environments and trends. In the computer industry learning new skills and adapting is paramount. In the 80's DOS was king. If you continued to stay in a DOS environment now, you'd be a dinosaur with few marketable skills.
  • They set goals and make plans of action. Without written goals and plans to help you accomplish your objectives, you'll vacillate. You'll have a tendency to get off track and run your operations via ''crisis management.'' After all, how can you get where you want to go if you don't know where you're going?
  • They take action. All the plans and goals in the world are useless if you just set them aside and hope or wish they come to pass. You've got to DO SOMETHING. Take Action Immediately!

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