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Voluntary Monitoring
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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    About This Site:
  Voluntary Monitoring
he Student Nurse Forum strives to provide a safe environment and reliable information to its site visitors. To this end, we voluntarily rate and monitor this site according to the guidelines of the following organizations:

ICRA Content Rating

The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization with offices in the US and Europe. ICRA's aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material while protecting the free speech rights of content providers. ICRA owns and operates the ICRA labelling system, and its RSACi forerunner.  Webmasters fill out a questionnaire about the content of their site, which is then used to determine a rating level from which a filter code is generated for placement on the website.  When web authors voluntarily rate their sites, parents using the ICRA system are able to accurately limit access to certain types of content on the internet when their children are exploring online.  The categories covered on the questionnaire include: chat, language used on the site, the nudity and sexual content of a site, the violence depicted on a site, and other areas such as gambling, drugs and alcohol.  

HON Code of Conduct

The Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct (HONcode) for medical and health web sites addresses one of Internet's main healthcare issues: the reliability and credibility of information.  By self-regulating and abiding by the HONcode, web authors are working together to help standardize the reliability of medical and health information available on the internet.  The HONcode "defines a set of rules to hold web site developers to basic ethical standards in the presentation of information and to help make sure readers always know the source and the purpose of the data they are reading."

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