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Transitioning to Work
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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 Transitioning to Work:
hen you graduate from nursing school, it can feel a little scary.  You are sure you can't possibly know enough to be a nurse (you do, you do!) - and yet, you have to convince a future employer that you will be an asset to their team.  A little foreknowledge and planning goes a long way towards finding the right jobs and interviewing well.  We've got some solid tips to help you land a really great job (and give your confidence a boost, too!):

Resumer Writing

First off, you need a GREAT resume.  Whether you know it or not, your resume is the first impression potential employers have of you...a well-designed resume will make you stand out in a crowd of similarly qualified applicants, and get your foot in the door.  Click on the following link to learn effective resume writing techniques:
Resume Writing

Resume Bloopers

Proof-reading your resume several times is essential.  Typos not only create a bad impression, they could very easily change the meaning of what you are trying to say.  Click on the following link to read some hilarious resume bloopers that illustrate how easy it is to overlook simple mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling:
Resume Bloopers

Finding Jobs

Once you have your resume in shape, you can start your hunt for "the perfect job."  Don't just rely on the "Help Wanted" section of your newspaper...some of the best jobs are never even advertised!   Click on the following link to learn how to find the really good jobs:
Finding Jobs


You've made it past the first round of you are faced with an interview.  With the right attitude and planning, you won't feel nearly as nervous as you think!  Click on the following link to learn how to ace your interview (and find out more information about the employer and the opportunities they can offer you!):

Evaluating Job Offers

You've been offered a job...but how can you make sure it's the right job for you?  A good fit goes beyond good pay and benefits - what about the work environment, or the potential for advancement?  What is the company's track record?  Click on the following link to read about the different factors you should consider before accepting a new job:
Evaluating Job Offers

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