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What Our Readers Say
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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Here's what readers are saying about Stressed Out About Nursing School:

"This is an excellent book for students entering a nursing program or for those in a nursing program orientation. Its friendly, easy to read style provides a good introduction to the unique culture of nursing programs and helps prepare students to assimilate the nursing student role in this somewhat different educational experience.

The book brings out the uniqueness of nursing education by identifying important phenomena such as viewing the program as family, myths of nursing programs, and teacher personalities.

It outlines very good suggestions for studying, test taking, organization and managing work and family. It gives a good introduction to the clinical learning experience, the licensing exam and employment in nursing.

One thing I would delete from the book asap is the myth about practice-giving injections on page 34. This is a myth or it should be. This violates OSHA standards and since it should not be done it should say so in this book. I would suggest saying a little more about safety standards in this book.

It is a fun book and I am endorsing its purchase with applicants I interview for admission.

Thank you again."

Jessica E. Price, RN, EdDc.
Professor Nursing
NH Community Technical College Manchester

"Excellent & full of info for students of ALL ages!  At first I thought, hmmm...this is kinda skinny for 25 bucks. But now my only complaint is, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, STEPH? This book answered every question you'd ever want to ask but probably couldn't find the answer to in one place.

It is great! If you don't have much experience in healthcare, and want to be a nurse, this is the book to
get! There are a few others out there, but this one is straight to the point, gives concrete ideas, even
talks about going the LPN route.

Even if you have an idea of what it's like to go to college, or know the classes you'll be taking, the
hoops you have to jump thru, etc., Stephanie actually tells you what'll be like when you have your first
clinical day. She tells you seemingly inconsequential details like the supplies you might be expected to
buy before you actually start your clinicals. That may be a small thing, but if you're tight on a budget
and just approaching your pre-reqs, isn't that a handy thing to know? She spells out what a big time
commitment it will be, how hard it is, etc., but also tells you that you can do it if you just get

And she tells you how to focus, gives study strategies, note taking tips, how to use study groups. I plan
on reading this section to my son who just began high school and needs help with his study habits. We
will both benefit from committing this one to memory.

She also explains what different specialties of nursing means. Didn't you always wonder what Nursing
Informatics was all about (obviously something about information, but what kind?). She tells you what
the classes that are usually standard in most schools of nursing are about (like what the heck is
"Foundations in Nursing"? Is it the beginning of nursing? The history, or what? It is actually just the

Financial Aid is covered in this book not so much as to tell you where to go and what to do (although  some of this is there) because truly, as the book advises, your school will steer you in the right direction and it lists some places you can try for additional help. But did you know some grants, loans and scholarships can help with your living expenses? Important information to know if you're a single parent who is wondering how they will go to school, feed the family and have time to study.

Taking the NCLEX is spelled out in detail as well as what to do if you don't pass the first time....or the

You can't go wrong with this book and I can't say enough good things about it. Everything from
making your application to the school and what they're looking for to going on to graduate studies is
included in this volume. Plus everything in between. If you are either a traditional high school student
who wonders what the whole education process of a nurse is, or you're a 50-something wanna-be
nurse going back to school after 30 years, you will profit from this book immensely. Absolutely worth
$... and then some! It will keep you from tossing and turning and agonizing over things Stephanie has
thoroughly spelled out in this terrific book!" Reader-Submitted Review - October 16, 2001
Reviewer: kittyboxers from Midwest

"A wealth of information for the prospective nursing student and soon-to-be graduate.  I particularly liked the information on the NCLEX."
Teri Ourada, BA
Senior BSN student

"I enjoyed the book and will certainly recommend it to the sophomore class, as well as their instructors.  It was captivating, positive and upbeat.  Stephanie had great suggestions.  Comprehensive!"
Patricia Bennett, RN, MS
Assistant Professor
Molloy College

"Tells you like it really is.  I think every school needs to require nursing
students to buy this book.  It captures the essence of what it is really
like once you are a nursing student."
Sandy Martin, LPN
RN student

"I feel like I now have a solid foundation to begin student nursing."
Monica Hidaji
BSN student

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