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 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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elcome to the Student Nurse Forum's Auction page!  Looking to buy some used text books?  Have a stethoscope or PDA you're looking to sell?  Why not try an online auction!  This service is provided by AuctionPage - please review their terms of service for information on how to bid, how to sell, and listing fees (  Please note:  The Student Nurse Forum does not oversee, manage or maintain these auctions - please see disclaimer below.  All customer service inquiries should be directed to AuctionPage through their website.

Disclaimer:  The Student Nurse Forum does not endorse or guarantee any items or services offered through these auctions.  These auctions have not be investigated or reviewed by the Student Nurse Forum.  The auctions on this page are offered as a free service to visitors.  As with any transaction, please use good judgement and research prior to purchasing goods or services.  The Student Nurse Forum is not responsible for any loss, damages or dissatisfaction resulting from the purchase or sale of goods or services on this page.

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