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Volume 2, Issue 2
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The Student Nurse Advisor - Volume 2, Issue 2 - February 15, 2002

The Student Nurse Advisor

The #1 E-Zine for Nursing Students!

Welcome to the February, 2002 issue of The Student Nurse Advisor, your first source for nursing articles, topical news and student resources!

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Special Report:  Safety Issues in Nursing
Career Profiles
Feature Articles:
Regular Features:

SPECIAL REPORT:  Safety Issues in Nursing

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 Is Healthcare a Risky Business?
The American Nurse
Every type of work brings with it risks and health hazards, and the work that nurses and other health care workers do is no exception. Health care workers provide a large array of services with multiple exposures that can result in serious short- and long-term health consequences. The American Nurse takes a look at the top 5 hazards of nursing.

 Warning: Nursing Can be Hazardous to Your Health
Nursing Spectrum
Ergonomic injuries and illnesses affect more than 12 of 100 hospital-based nurses and more than 17 of 100 nurses working in nursing homes.  Everyday, an astounding 9,000 healthcare workers sustain a disabling injury on the job.  What can you do to protect your health on the job?

 Violence Against Nurses: A Silent Epidemic
Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter
According to the landmark 1996 National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health publication Violence in the Workplace, health care workers are assaulted in the workplace more frequently than any other US worker group, including police officers. The average nurse is completely unaware of this.

 The Epidemic Hazards of Nursing
Latex allergies, needle sticks, back injuries, workplace violence - these are all serious concerns for nurses in the workplace.  NursingWorld  reports on these issues and legislative efforts to improve workplace safety.

 Needle Stick Risk
Washington Post
Hundreds of medical workers become infected with the AIDS or hepatitis viruses from accidental punctures each year.  Learn what you need to do to protect yourself and what happens when the unthinkable occurs.


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 From Trauma to Trial: Exploring the Varied Roles of the Forensic Nurse
A forensic nurse is a registered nurse who applies forensic principals to existing nursing science in the care of victims and perpetrators of interpersonal violence (IPV). Take a look at the varied roles of the forensic nurse in this great article!

 New Graduates - Fear Not the ICU
Nursing Spectrum
Are you thinking about working in the ICU, but not sure if you are ready for it?  This article encourages new grads to consider ICU, and offers ways to determine if you have what it takes.

 Race Against Time: Transplant Nursing
Every minute counts for nurses who coordinate organ transplants.  This article takes a look at what transplant nurses do, and what a typical day is like.


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 Improving Your Ability to Think Critically
This fantastic article by Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre, RN, MSN, defines critical thinking and offers concrete strategies to improve clinical judgement and problem solving skills.

 Interpretation of Lab Values
Pathlt Publications
This is a great reference site for interpreting abnormal lab values.  Included are explanations and conditions causing abnormal values for sodium, potassium, chloride, CO2 content, anion gap, glucose, urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, inorganic phosphorus, calcium, bilirubin, iron, albumin, cholesterol, triglycerides, WBC, RBC and more.

 The RALE Repository
Medi-Wave, Inc.
The R.A.L.E. Repository has online digital recordings of respiratory sounds in health and disease playable in .wav and Real Audio formats.  This computer aided instruction on respiratory sounds is designed for students and educators, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and anyone who uses a stethoscope.

 Beginner's Research Guide for Nurses
New York University
Searching the literature is a skill that nurses need for many reasons. Whether to answer a clinical question, to gather background information on a topic, to meet a grant deadline or write a research paper, nurses and nursing students need to understand how information is arranged before they can locate, evaluate, and apply the knowledge gained. This online beginner's guide will get show you how it's done!

 Nursing Theories
University of Alberta
The Nursing Theory Page offers a comprehensive listing of online resources for information on 21 nursing theorists (Neuman, Orem, Rogers, etc.), as well as information on nursing models and mid-range theorists.

 Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support Megacode Simulator
Here's a fun way to test your knowledge - the online PALS Megacode Simulator gives you a case study and asks you to make a series of decisions to save the patient's life.

 Study Skills Tutorial
University of Glasgow
This tutorial gives an overview of various aspects of Study Skills including Time Management, Note-Taking, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Giving Presentations, Revision and Exam Techniques. It includes interactive exercises with feedback and a booklist for further reading.


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Finally, the Student Center has a variety of online peer groups just for nursing students that you can join for free.  Whether you are an LPN or RN student, a new grad or new to school, young or old - there's a peer group to fit your needs!

Visit the Student Center today - this is a site you will return to again and again!


This month, The Student Nurse Advisor offers some tips for preparing for the NCLEX:
DO use NCLEX study guides as a learning tool throughout school - it will give you extra help during your classes and will familiarize you with the NCLEX testing style.
DO form a NCLEX study group.  Use practice questions to play a jeopardy-type game - make it fun!
DO take advantage of your school's resources - many schools have their own NCLEX review programs, tutors, and computer-assisted testing simulators.
DON'T psyche yourself out - you've been preparing for the NCLEX since the day you started nursing school - you have all the knowledge you need to pass this exam!  Do what you can to prepare well for the test, but don't let your fears and worries get the best of you - you will do great!


The Student Nurse Challenge

Got the winter blahs?  Feeling like May will never get here?  We know how you feel!  That's why we've decided to start a monthly challenge for student nurses - a great way to perk everyone up and to give away great prizes!  

So what IS the challenge?  To share your nursing school experiences with other student nurses.  We have a collective pool of wisdom and advice here that new students can benefit from.  We're not talking about book smarts; we're talking about the good stuff - things you wish you had known or tips you learned along the way that made nursing school easier or more manageable.  Each month, we will pose a fun discussion topic for sharing (such as, "What's your favorite quick snack to take to school with you?" or "What was your most embarassing moment in clinicals?").  We will post the answers we receive and all participants will be entered in a random drawing for that month.  The winner will receive a free prize.  Sound like fun?  We think so!

This month, we are giving away a really neat ID Tag necklace from  Thanks to Kris and all the wonderful folks at for this wonderful prize!  The topic for sharing this month is:
"What is your best tip for staying organized in clinicals?"
Visit the Student Nurse Challenge page to submit your tried-and-true clinical tip and be entered in our first monthly drawing!


Ways to Have Fun During Clinicals

1. Page yourself over the intercom. (Don't disguise your voice.)
2. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
3. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over his or her caffeine
addictions, switch to espresso.
4. When charting “patients activities”, write “motivated for sexual favors"
5. When giving report, state after each patient; "In accordance with the prophecy."
6. Ask people what sex they are.
7. Send e-mail to the rest of the staff to tell them what you're doing. For example: "If anyone needs
me, I'll be in the bathroom.”
8. Put masking tape on the floor of your station in the shape of a corpse. If anyone asks, "That was
the last person to ask me for something!"
9. Ask the patients if they're up for a rousing game of "Doc, Doc, Goose!"
10. Run into your patient's room, slide under the bed and say, "If anyone asks, I'm not here!"

Thank you for subscribing to The Student Nurse Advisor!  We welcome your thoughts always. Please e-mail Stephanie Thibeault at with your comments and suggestions!

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