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March Challenge
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

      The Student Nurse Challenge:
  March Challenge
he challenge topic for March, 2002 is "What is your best tip for preparing for the NCLEX?"  All entrants will be included in a random drawing to win a Conversion Chart from Conversions Made Easy. This quick-reference safeguard is a visual learning tool that teaches apothecaries, metric and household equivalents all on one pocket-size chart. It's a fantastic reference for student nurses who have to calculate dosages and administer medications safely and accurately.

Congratulations to our March winner, Julie R. of Cohoes, NY!

Here are the entries we received:

From Isabelle L. of Denver, CO:
I have been accepted into the Regis University Nursing School in Colorado but won''t start until August. However, I have already purchased the NCLEX exam preparation guide for 2001-2002. I figure, if I use this CD on an ongoing basis to challenge myself, by the time I complete school in 2004, all I'll need is the updated version and I should be set. Here's to nursing!

From Julie R. of Cohoes, NY:
Although I still have another year to go, I have already been studying for the NCLEX. As we cover an issue (i.e., we are doing Orthopaedics right now), I get out my study guide and test..test...test myself! This helps not only to study for the boards, but also for the unit we are covering. Plus it helps to learn the drugs quicker! Another advantage is that if I have any question or simply don't understand something, I can ask one of my professors and get the facts....which would be impossible after I graduate.

From Christine R. of Athens, GA:
I've used NCLEX study guides to prepare for all my course exams - often the questions are directly out of the study materials. With NCLEX being only a few months away, I find the best way to study is to review questions and really understand the rationales behind the answers. Instead of trying to memorize every condition and situation, it's important to zero in on critical thinking skills and pay attention to what the questions are really asking. I reread notes and outlines in weak areas and concentrate heavily on those questions. By practicing the questions, you can get a good feel for what the examining board will be looking for. Best wishes to all those taking the test this year!

What is your best tip for preparing for the NCLEX?  Let us know and be entered to win!
Use the submission form here, or e-mail!  Put "Challenge Submission" in the subject line of your e-mail.  Entry deadline for this month's contest is April 15, 2002.  The winner will be announced in the April, 2002 edition of The Student Nurse Advisor, our free monthly e-zine for nursing students.

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