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Volume 2, Issue 5
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The Student Nurse Advisor - Volume 2, Issue 5 - May 15, 2002

The Student Nurse Advisor

The #1 E-Zine for Nursing Students!

Welcome to the May, 2002 issue of The Student Nurse Advisor, your first source for nursing articles, topical news and student resources!

Congratulations! to Theresa M. of Midland, TX, our April Student Nurse Challenge winner!  Theresa is the winner of a Quick-E Medical-Surgical Clinical Nursing Reference Book from Bandido Books. Take the Student Nurse Challenge for the month of May and you, too, can be entered to win a Quick-E Medical Surgical Clinical Nursing Reference book from Bandido Books!  This month's topic is "What are your favorite nutritious snacks and quick meals for busy students on the go?" It's fast, it's free and it's easy - enter today!

Special Report:  Launching Your Career
Career Launching Strategies for New Graduates
Looking Good on Paper
Interviewing for Career Advancement
Hot Spots for Nursing
Career Magnetism
A Walk on the Wild Side: Medical Surgical Nursing
Nurses at NASA - Mission Control: Occupational Health Nursing
When Pediatric Nurses Can't Help Falling in Love
Ventricular Fibrillation Management
Cyber-Anatomy Tutorials
Medical Terminology
Introduction to Immunology
Learn CPR
Regular Features:

 SPECIAL REPORT:  Launching Your Career

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Career Launching Strategies for New Graduates
Nursing Spectrum
As graduation looms on the horizon you’re probably asking, “I’m ready to launch my career, but where do I start?” You begin by acquiring the “right stuff” - the right baseline experience, the right attitude, and the right cover letter and resume - as the foundation for your life’s work.

Looking Good on Paper: Professional Advice for Building Powerful Nursing Resumes
When a job opportunity presents itself, one of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to submit a polished résumé. Healthcare recruiters know exactly what to look for when screening applicants, so it’s essential that your résumé make a positive statement about you.

Interviewing for Career Advancement
Nursing Spectrum
Whether you’re interviewing for a new position, starting a new career or sideline, or seeking a promotion, the key to a successful interview is careful and thorough preparation. If two candidates have almost equal qualifications, it may not be the most qualified, but the best-prepared candidate who gets the offer. The better prepared you are, the more likely you’ll be chosen over the competition.

Hot Spots for Nursing
Brass Ring Campus
There never seems to be a slow-down in the constant demand for nursing services across the country. Employment opportunities can be found in such places as small town hospitals, private clinics, public schools and government health agencies. Nurses have one of the most flexible professions where they can work part-time posts to finish school or raise a family, or full-time with a busy well-paying career. This article offers a few places to explore.

Career Magnetism
Magnet hospitals are more than just great places for nurses to work - they're also employers with an exceptional commitment to helping minority nurses advance their careers.


NOTE:  To read the full article, click on the title

A Walk on the Wild Side: Medical Surgical Nursing
Building on a solid foundation of nursing skills, med/surg RNs adapt to meet changing work environments and patient needs, while hospitals face difficulties keeping their ranks filled.

Nurses at NASA - Mission Control: Occupational Health Nursing
Not unlike the hospital setting, the medical treatment administered by SGS's Comprehensive Health Services staff at Cape Canaveral ranges from the minor splinter removal or treatment of a minor cut—to the serious, including burns, animal bites, eye injuries and heart attacks. However, the main goal of the nurses and medical staff as occupational health care providers is to reduce the number of injuries by providing corrective and proactive health measures for employees and visitors,

When Pediatric Nurses Can't Help Falling in Love
Nursing Spectrum
You might be drawn to a crooked smile, a tiny clenched fist, or a cowlick that won’t quite stay down. Perhaps it’s those heavy eyelids fringed with thick lashes, fighting sleep. Maybe it’s that vulnerability as he bravely endures a difficult treatment or dressing change. Whatever its roots, it’s a powerful feeling, perhaps even a troublesome one. It could be you’re facing one of the hazards of pediatric nursing — falling in love, in a parental and nurturing way, with one of your young patients.


NOTE:  To read the full article, click on the title

Ventricular Fibrillation Management
Nursing Matters
Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) is the single most important rhythm for nurses and medical professionals to recognize. It is a rhythm in which multiple areas within the ventricles display marked variation in depolarization and repolarization. Since there is no organized ventricular depolarization, the ventricles do not contract as a unit. Initial treatment is always defibrillation.  This self-study module walks you through the protocols.

Cyber-Anatomy Tutorials
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
This is one of the very best illustrated anatomy tutorials online.  It features an in-depth look at all areas of human anatomy with high-quality photographs, graphics and lecture notes.  There is also a free monthly newsletter you can sign up for.

Medical Terminology
This is a complete and self-contained course in modern medical terminology. It is suitable for all students of the health occupations and features pre and post tests online. The actual content of the study units is presented in a "flash card" format. Some of the flash cards present factual material, while others test your recall of the facts.

Introduction to Immunology
University of Arizona Biology Department
This online quiz is designed to introduce basic concepts about the immune system.  Correct answers are reinforced with a brief explanation, while incorrect answers are linked to a tutorial on that specific area.  Topics covered include pathogens, antigens, allergens and cellular immunity.

Learn CPR
University of Washington School of Medicine
Online illustrated guides to adult, child, infant and pet CPR, including printable pocket cards.  Also includes an online video demonstration, CPR history and facts, and quizzes to test your knowledge.  All material is available in english, spanish and chinese.


Quick-E Clinical Nurse Reference Guides On Sale - THREE Books for the Price of One!
Review by Stephanie Thibeault, The Student Nurse Forum

We ran this last month, but the sale is still on and is too good to pass up... Bandido Books is having their biggest sale ever - for a limited time, you can get select titles from their popular line of Quick-E Clinical Pocket Guides for 50% off!  Plus, you can combine this sale with their standard "buy 2, get 1 free" offer to get up to 3 books for the price of 1!  You just aren't going to find a better deal anywhere, and these reference books are lifesavers on the floor in clinicals.  To read our previous reviews of some of the Quick-E titles, see Volume I, Issue 1 and  Volume I, Issue 4.

Titles on sale include:
Medical Surgical Clinical Reference
E.R. Clinical Reference
Pediatric Clinical Reference
Intravenous Clinical Reference
Spanish Guide for Nurses

Each of these Quick-E Nursing Reference books retails for $19.95 - and now, you can get 3 for the price of 1!  Don't miss out on this fantastic sale - stock up now, expand your nursing library and get 3 invaluable pocket guide books you can use right away on the floors!

For full descriptions of the Quick-E books and to order, visit Bandido Books today!


This month, The Student Nurse Advisor offers a reader-submitted tip for preparing for balancing school and family:

From Denise C. of Morristown, NJ:
I actually balance home, school and a full time job - so finding time to study is tough. With the endless use of index carding my notes, I am able to have a "mobil" study system. I steal time whenever I can to review my cards - waiting for class to start, breaks at my desk, waiting for a meeting to start at work, during breakfast, etc. When it comes time to really buckle down and prepare for a test, the material is already familiar, so I don't need to spend as much time away from my family studying in my home office or the library.

From Vikki P. of St. Louis, MO:
As a single parent, balancing work, school and home has been more than a challenge. I work full time and I'm carrying a 16-hour course load. I'm on campus only two nights a week, but I have to put in many hours of study at home. So, I've commissioned my family to cook a few meals for us during the week. On other days we either order out, or have an "every man for himself" night. Friday night is study-free night. School work is "outlawed" until Saturday evening. We do housework and run errands on Saturday mornings. It also helps that my son is involved in various activities. Now I don't feel so guilty for being a non-traditional parent. Also, it leaves more time for me to concentrate on my studies. It's not easy, and there is no right or wrong way of balancing the different aspects of your life. It comes down to what works for you and your family. I remain spiritually grounded, knowing that there is a higher power working with me, constantly providing and working miracles in my life. I just do the best I can until I can do better.

From Theresa M. of Midland, TX:
I would have to say that enlisting your significant other's support and assistance prior to beginning nursing school is paramount! My husband agreed to take on greater portions of the household chores and help fix meals (or bring home something!) and take more time and responsibility with our 3 children. Without his endless support and love, I couldn't have made it this far!! My 2 older kids support me and understand that I need study time and rest time, etc... and they are real good about helping with the youngest so I can keep studying, instead of having to stop every 5 minutes to get juice, change the TV, get a toy off the shelf, etc... and they're a HUGE help!! Both my husband and girls have left me little notes of love and support when they sense I'm getting too stressed or frustrated and I'll tell you......they made the difference in my mental attitude!! Knowing that you're loved and supported whether or not the house is clean, dishes are washed, laundry put away, etc... has made the difference for me. Without the support of my immediate and extended family (who help in times of emergency child care/sick child care), there's no way I could be where I am!!!

Want more great tips for balancing school and family?  Click here!  And don't forget to enter our May Student Nurse Challenge to be entered to win a Quick-E Medical Surgical Clinical Nursing Reference Guide from Bandido Books!


Explore Your Options on the Career Profiles Page!

Students - trying to decide which area you want to practice in?  With so many choices, it is no wonder!  There is a wide variety of career choices for those entering the nursing field. No matter what your interests, career goals or personal requirements may be, there are countless options to fit your unique needs.

To help expose you to the many career paths in the field, we have developed the Career Profiles page. We've tried to find articles on the internet that are first-person in nature and give you a feel for what a "day in the life" would be.  Our hope is to give you a better idea of what each specialty area is like. We've identified over 60 specialty areas and counting - check them out!

Visit our Career Profiles page to explore your career options!


Healthcare Headline Bloopers

Taken from actual news articles:

Hospitals are sued by 7 foot doctors.
Safety experts say school bus passengers should be belted.
Eye drops off shelf.
Never withhold herpes infection from a loved one.
New study of obesity looks for larger test group.
Kids make nutritious snacks.
Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers.
Miners refuse to work after death.

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