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May Challenge
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

      The Student Nurse Challenge:
      May Challenge
he challenge topic for May, 2002 is "What are your favorite nutritious snacks and quick meals for busy students on the go?" All entrants will be included in a random drawing to win a Quick-E Medical Surgical Clinical Nursing Reference book from Bandido Books!  This fantastic quick-reference book is designed for the nurse-generalist. It includes laboratory values, an assessment guide, nutrition and drug sections, as well as the 1999-2000 NANDA diagnoses classifications. Quick-E's fit in your pocket for maximum portability during clinicals - you will love this book!

Here are the entries received to date:

From Sharrelyn N. or Barrie, Ontario:
2 Tbsn Soy Protein Powder
16 oz. glass skim milk
4 Tbsn Yogurt
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 kiwi

Blend with hand blender, and enjoy. Throw in an ice cube.

From Anna S. of Omaha, NE:
In order to maximize energy, minimize fat intake and utilize time management, I indulge in apple slices with peanut butter on them (or bananas also), dry cereal, yogurt, celery and carrot slices, and plenty and plenty of water!!

From Nakeisha P. of Brooklyn, NY:
Fruits, such as bananas and apples.

From Tonya W. of Crescent Springs, KY:
My favorite is a bag of oatbran pretzels and a bottle of water - not only nutritious, but also filling.

From Angelia T. of Savannah, GA:
Grapes, honeydew, water, and Carnation Instant Breakfast Shakes.

From Alan G. of Portland, ME:
I eat a lot of Power Bars and bananas while riding to and from clinical sites. I also try to eat at least 2 other pieces of fruit a day along with a glass of V8 juice. A lot of quick meals are eaten at home, and in the hospital cafeterias. I like cereals, one-dish casseroles, and it really doesn't take that long to fire up the gas grill to cook a chicken breast and grill some veggies.

From Addie H. of Little Rock, AR:
Popcorn, fresh fruits and veggies are my favorite snacks.

From Theresa M. of Midland, TX:
My all-time favorite is chocolate chip granola bars. For breakfast time though, I choose strawberry cereal bars. I've found that the Little Debbie brand is the healthiest with the lowest fat and cholesterol. These ease the hunger pains (and sometimes boredom) during lecture while providing the energy we need to wake-up and stay focused!!

From Joy Marie L. of Conklin, NY:
My favorite nutritious snacks are fruits, cheese cubes (which I am so happy I finally found in area stores already cut up) and sliced veggies. My favorite way to cook quick meals is either to make a few meals in advance and freeze them (thank God for microwaves!), and I use my crock pot a lot - you can cook a lot of amazing meals for the family just by using a crock pot.The internet has a lot of recipes for the crock pot that are as easy as 1-2-3, so that when you are living your busy life, your meal is cooking and ready by the time dinner time rolls around. :)

From Brittany of Indianapolis, IN:
For a nutritious meal on the go for a busy student, a nutri-grain cereal bar is the best. For a snack, I usually grab a jello or a yogurt, which is also available in a squeezable container. The strawberry nutri-grain bars are the best and they also come with yogurt in them too! Blue jello packs and squeezable yogurt makes the snack the snack delicious and worth eating!

From Wanita T. of Glen Daniel, WV:
In our class, we decide what we want for lunch one day a week at school and then divide everthing up in a list and we can sign up on what we want to bring. There are alot of the girls that are really good cooks. The nice thing about it is it doesn't take long to cook one item or pick one item up from the store and we can spend alot of time during lunch just getting to know one another and making new friends.

From Theresa of Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Favorite nutritious snacks: Fresh fruit and vegetables - lots of them, yogurt, oatmeal cookies... Favorite quick meals:  Anything that could be made in one pot.  This allows for easy clean up, and usually one pot meals are very quick to make.

From Deborah H. of Kalispell, MT:
A great nutritious snack to take along is a stuffed apple. First, core the apple, then slice it into rings, dunk in lemon juice and water to keep it from browning. Mix shredded carrots, raisins, peanut butter, honey and cinnamon together. Spread some of the mixture on each ring, then reassemble the apple. Wrap in plastic wrap. When you're ready to eat it, you can either take the rings apart to eat it, or slice the apple as if it were whole into sections. Yum!

From Karen D. of Bristow, VA:
Snacks--trail mix, Quaker snack bars meals--pasta, pasta, pasta (and pizza)!

What are your favorite nutritious snacks and quick meals for busy students on the go? Use the submission form here, or e-mail!  Put "Challenge Submission" in the subject line of your e-mail.  Entry deadline for this month's contest is June 15, 2002.  The winner will be announced in the June, 2002 edition of The Student Nurse Advisor, our free monthly e-zine for nursing students.

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