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About The Publisher
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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The Inside Scoop!

Bandido Books, publisher of Stressed Out About Nursing School: An Insider's Guide to Success, was founded by nurses and publishes titles specific to the nursing profession - it's their specialty!  Bandido Books authors are top clinicians and academicians respected and established in their fields.  All books undergo a rigorous peer-review process prior to publication, so you can count on the quality of content in each of their titles.

Bandido Books is the publisher of the national best-selling Quick-E pocket clinical nursing reference series, including titles on Assessment & Physical Exam, IV, Medical-Surgical, Critical Care, Emergency and Pediatrics.

Check out their online catalog at or visit our Book Shop.

Students!  Bandido Books has a fundraising plan exclusively for Student Nurse Associations.  The program requires no "upfront investment, no "minimums" and offers generous discounts.  Learn about ways to raise money for your SNA at

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