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harmacology may be one of the most difficult courses you will ever take.  There's no easy way around it - the enormous amount of information you need to memorize (and apply), plus the drug math, require consistent studying and practice throughout the course.

To help you out, we've scouted some great internet resources you can use to supplement your studies:

ISAP is a free web-based educational site for health professionals and students studying pharmacology.  It includes lecture outlines, pharmacologic information on approximately 300 drugs, and exam questions with explanations and grading summaries for each student.  Online registration is required for full access, but it is free.  You may also enter as a guest with limited access.

Active Learning Centre is a compilation of self-assessment tests/databases in different areas of knowledge.  The pharmacology section allows you to choose the quiz format (multiple choice, matching or essay), the number of questions and what you would like to be tested on (drug features or names, which classes of drugs, etc.).  It will grade you online, and you can search the database by keywords/phrases if you want more information.

This online tutorial hosted by the Alamo Community College District covers common conversion factors and equivalencies, abbreviations, ratios and proportions, IV and titration, and pediatric pharmacology math.  Once you have completed the tutorial, there are online quizzes you can take, with automatic grading.

More resources will be added as we find them.  If you know of a great online resource for pharmacology, let us know!  E-mail your suggestions to

Cyber Patient is a multi-media pharmacokinetic (PK) simulation program.  It places the user in the role of a health care professional overseeing a patient taking medication. Click the button below for more info:

PharmLab is a Windows program that computes a time course for drug degradation & can be used to calculate a pH rate profile for a drug.  Click on the button below for more info:

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