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utrition is a great class for understanding how certain nutrients are used by our bodies, how they affect our chemical balance and how certain disease processes can arise from deficiencies or too much of a "good thing."  It's more than just the food pyramid - your nutrition class is a science course drawing on physiology and chemistry.

To help you out, we've scouted some great internet resources you can use to supplement your studies:
This site was developed by Martindale and is a comprehensive resource you can use for your nutrition class.  It includes tutorials, databases and online courses, as well as access to nutrition journals and news.  It also has some nifty nutrition calculators you can use online.

This is a comprehensive listing of online resources for nutrition, metabolic pathways, diet, A&P, etc.  A good place to start if you are doing research or need to look something up.

This site features short case scenarios describing real-life situations of people with nutrition concerns. Each scenario gives you enough information about the person to let you begin making an assessment. How would you approach each person? What would you say or do? What additional information would you need? Use the questions at the end to explore the options. A fun way to apply what you are learning.

This web page from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is designed to provide students, faculty, professionals, and those with a keen interest in the field of Clinical Nutrition a means of self-assessment and interactive learning. It includes a laboratory assessment workshop, a case study index, and a clinical notebook with related formulas.


Nutrition Help Cards feature outlines, key terms, charts, formulas, definitions and diagrams that you'll need for nutrition success. Print it out, and you've got a handy portable nutrition guide that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans is a publication of the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Weight: lbs.
Height: Ft. In.

Body Mass Index
According to the Panel on Energy, Obesity, and Body Weight Standards published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, your category is:

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More resources will be added as we find them.  If you know of a great online resource for nutrition,
let us know!  E-mail your suggestions to

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