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Physical Assessment
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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     Physical Assessment
hysical assessment is one of the first things you will learn in nursing school.  By the time you graduate, you'll be a pro...but for now, it may seem like an awful lot to remember.  Your skills labs and clinical experiences will provide the most valuable learning, since they are both hands-on; however, a little outside assistance may help you feel more mentally prepared and confident.

To help you out, we've scouted some great internet resources you can use to supplement your studies:

From the University of Manitoba, "The process of physical assessment involves three phases: the interview, the physical examination, and documentation. Included in the documentation phase are: formulation of the nursing diagnosis, goals and plans for patient care. This online guide discusses the criteria for each phase."

From the University of Florida, this online guide covers vital signs, back and extremity exam, chest and lung exam, cardiovascular exam, head and neck exam, eye exam, abdominal exam, breast exam, pelvic exam, neurologic exam and mental status exam.  Geared to first year med students, but there is quite a lot of useful information nursing students can use, as well.

More resources will be added as we find them.  If you know of a great online resource for
physical assessment, let us know!  E-mail your suggestions to

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