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Nursing Graphics
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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  Nursing Graphics
ursing graphics are incredibly hard to find on the web.  I decided to try my hand at graphic making, in the hopes of being able to offer something to the nursing web community.  This section represents my very first attempt at creating graphics.  They aren't the most spectacular or stunning graphics you'll ever see - I just tried for simple the first time around.  I will be adding more graphics often, especially now that I have PaintShop Pro to play with - please check back once a week or so to see what new goodies we've got.

My graphics are free for use on personal home pages and commercial sites.  All I require is that you give me credit by displaying my logo (see below) on all pages where my graphics are used.
Link the logo to  I would also appreciate an e-mail with a link to your site, so I can visit!  E-mail

These graphics may not be altered in any way without my written permission first, unless otherwise noted.  Additionally, they are not to be included in any graphics collections.  Do not link to the images on this server - you need to save them to your hard drive.  To do this, right click on the image and select "Save Picture As."

Now on to the fun on any of the links below to view The Student Nurse Forum's free nursing graphics collection:

Heart Stethoscope
Nurse Cap
White Cross on Blue
Red Heart on White
Red Heart on White 2

Medical Mix
Red Pills

Big Pill
Little Pill
Tiny Tongue Depressor
Heart Bandaid
Small Blue Stethoscope

Folk Art Nurse 1
Folk Art Nurse 2
Folk Art Nurse 3
Folk Art Nurse 4
Surprised Nurse
Angry Nurse
Sad Nurse
Laughing Nurse
Angel Nurse
Nurse w/ Stethoscope
Nurse w/ Machines NEW!
Nurse w/ Baby NEW!

Nurse Tool Composite
Nurse Cap
Heart with Cross
Nurses Care
Heart in Hands
Vertical Heart Bandaid
Horizontal Heart Bandaid
Be sure to also check out the Student Nurse Forum's FREE e-greeting cards -  made with our graphics, customized by you! Click here: Greeting Cards
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