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 Awards We Have Received:
   Nursing Awards
ur heartfelt thanks to those who have taken the time to evaluate this site and have deemed it worthy of these very special awards!  In the interests of maintaining a quick-load time for the beautiful graphics of these awards, we have categorized them on five pages: three are devoted to awards that have earned a specific ranking from Award Sites!, one is dedicated to other awards and honors (see tabbed links above), and this page is dedicated to awards presented by professional peers in the field of nursing.  We are deeply honored by all of these awards.

Nursing Web Awards

Award Sites! Rated 4.0
Congratulations, you have done yourself and our profession proud. We found your site to be easily navigated, informative, interactive and generally very well designed. It is with great pleasure that we add you to our list of GOLD sites. You can rest assured that your hard efforts have been noted and that your site is one of the best nursing sites on the web today. In fact, yours is the first student nursing web site to win our Gold Award. Others have applied and not attained this ranking.  Again, congratulations on your superb effort!
- The Judges, Nursing Excellence Awards


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