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1.  Name the molecule which sets living things apart from the non-living world.
2.  Differentiate between reproduction and development.
3.  Describe energy and metabolism.
4. Define receptors, stimulus and homeostasis.
5.  List the different levels of life from cell to biosphere.
6.  Describe the one-way flow of energy and how it affects the interdependencies among organisms.
7.  List the six kingdoms and give examples of each.
8.  Define mutation, evolution and natural selection.
9.  Differentiate between theory and hypothesis.
10. Define atom and give examples.
11.  Differentiate between protons, neutrons and electrons.
12.  Differentiate between atomic number and mass number.
13.  Define isotope.
14.  Define chemical bonds with respect to the shell model.
15.  Define molecule and compound.  Give examples of each.
16.  Differentiate between ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonding.
17.  Differentiate between water's polarity, temperature-stabilizing, cohesion and solvent properties.
18.  Differentiate between acid & base, using pH.
19.  Define organic compounds and describe carbon's bonding behavior.
20.  Differentiate between the 3 classes of carbohydrates, and give examples of each.  Note the 1C, 2H, 1O ratio.

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