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Student Resources
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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e've reviewed a lot of websites looking for the best resources for student nurses.  Below is a short listing of our favorite sites - The Student Nurse Forum's Top Picks.  We've also included a comprehensive list of recommended web links, categorized by topic, which we have found to be excellent sources of information.

The Student Nurse Forum's Top Picks

Categorized Web Links

Essay Writing
Working on entrance essays or college papers?  We have found a great freebie for you!  Martyn Cooper, owner of the Student Nurse Underground, has developed a downloadable "Essay Writing Guide for Student Nurses." The writing guide downloads as a Windows Help File that can be used offline (i.e. it can be run alongside your word processor as you work on your essays and term papers!). The guide is fully searchable for keywords, help topics, etc. A great resource for all students, the file is only 28kb, so it downloads fast, even with a slow modem. Download your free copy here:
Check out the other resources at The Student Nurse Underground, including essay samples, care plan models, info on ECGs, A&P, Biology and more!

Nursing Theories

Need help with nursing theories?  Try the Nursing Theories Page!

Nursing Care Plans

Looking for nursing care plans?  These archives are great:  Nursing Care Plans

Research Papers

Researching a paper?  Ask ERIC! (ERIC is the world's largest source of education information, with more than 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles)

Medical Acronyms
Trying to figure out what all those medical acronyms mean?  Look them up on The World Wide Web Acronym & Abbreviation Server


Want to join our great student nurse e-group?  Sign up for SNF's student nurse e-mail support group:
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Here's another great e-group:  SNURSE-L is an international student nurse e-mailing list.  The companion website for the list offers free web space for nurses, commentary on nursing development, and stories from clinical practice.  To subscribe, or to get more information, click on the link above or e-mail also has a variety of student peer groups, including:
Student Study Tips/Reminders for the sharing of mnemonics and clinical pearls;
New Graduates for students making the transition to their first job;
Second Degree Issues for those returning to school to become an RN;
LPN Nursing specifically for LPN students;
Student and Parent for those nursing students balancing school and family concerns;
and many more!  Join a peer group to share support, advice and information at

Related Links

For a comprehensive, categorized listing of resources, check out our Related Links page!

Do you have a link to a good resource for students?  Send your submissions to the site leader for inclusion on this page!
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