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Mentoring Programs
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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 Mentoring Programs

hether you are currently in school or are just entering the workplace as a new nurse, mentoring programs are a great way to get advice and support from practicing nurses who have the experience and knowledge to give you guidance.  Here are two programs you can participate in to develop a rewarding mentoring relationship as you pursue your educational and career goals:

Cyber-Nurse Mentors

The Cyber-Nurse Mentor/Mentee Mailing List is available for nursing students, new nurses, and experienced nurses, as well.  This mailing list offers an information and support forum to talk about nursing problems and stress.  To join this great mailing list, visit Cyber-Nurse (scroll down to the middle of the home page).

Nightengale Mentors

The Nightengale Mentors is an online e-group whose mission is to provide a forum for the cultivation of mentoring relationships among nurses.  It is hoped that participation in this group will help to empower students and new nurses, as well as enhancing professional practice.  

Click to subscribe to NightingaleMentors

NursingNet Mentoring Project

The NursingNet Mentoring Project was developed to match up students/new nurses with current nursing professionals to provide opportunities for learning, support, professional growth and guidance.  NursingNet has also recently added a Nurse Practitioner Mentoring Project for those interested in taking their education and practice to the next level.  To join either of these fantastic programs, visit NursingNet.

NursingHands Peer Groups has a variety of student peer groups, including:
Student Study Tips/Reminders for the sharing of mnemonics and clinical pearls;
New Graduates for students making the transition to their first job;
Second Degree Issues for those returning to school to become an RN;
LPN Nursing specifically for LPN students;
Student and Parent for those nursing students balancing school and family concerns;
and many more!  Join a peer group to share support, advice and information at

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