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Volume 1, Issue 7
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The Student Nurse Advisor - Volume I, Issue 7 - August 15, 2001

The Student Nurse Advisor

The #1 E-Zine for Nursing Students!

Welcome to the August, 2001 issue of The Student Nurse Advisor, your first source for nursing articles, topical news and student resources! We've got a great issue for you, with articles on defensive charting, student nurse liability, nursing diagnoses and interventions, patient teaching and a special report on nursing unions.

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Special Report:  Nursing Unions
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SPECIAL REPORT:  Nursing Unions

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 Overworked and Underpaid: Unions Change Nursing History
Since the turn of the century, when student nurses were used as virtual slave labor in the hospitals where they trained, many nurses have battled for a voice in their work environment and reasonable compensation for their expertise.

 Why I Won't Walk: How Unions Undermine Patient Care
An argument against nursing unions, from a practicing nurse.

 Nurses Could Learn From Teacher Union Success
An argument for nursing unions, from a practicing nurse.

 The New Hands Off Nursing
Time Magazine
A look at one nursing union's fight to prevent the replacement of RNs with unlicensed technicians.

 Organizing and Collective Bargaining
American Nurses Association
What is collective bargaining? Is it professional? What are the benefits? The American Nurses Association's stand on unions.


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 Best Practice in Telemedicine
John Mitchell & Associates
The Renal Unit at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital's effective adoption of telemedicine has provided the South Australian Health Commission (SAHC) with an ideal telemedicine laboratory. The laboratory is an excellent window into the steps needed to successfully embed telemedicine within a workplace and to develop best practice in the application of telemedicine.

 Family Presence During Invasive Procedures and Resuscitation
Best Practice Network
In 1993, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) recommended investigation of the benefits and problems associated with allowing family members to witness invasive procedures and CPR in the Emergency Room. Parkland Hospital and Health Systems Emergency Department implemented and studied the family presence program to evaluate its effectiveness in assisting families in grieving, supporting and communicating, while offering the patient a familiar face and additional comfort.

 Chest Pain Evaluation Clinic
Best Practice Network
Deaths from heart attacks total nearly 600,000 per year in the United States. Emergency Departments lack a systematic way to assess chest pain, and as a result, too many patients are sent home. Those who stay are often treated improperly. Raymond Bahr MD, FACP, FACC, with Leah Giurfa, Jane Strong and Sam Copeland, of the Paul Dudley White Coronary Care System at St. Agnes Healthcare, offer a tracking system to evaluate chest pain and assure that patients get appropriate treatment.


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 Types of Nursing Interventions
Rutgers University - Camden
This online presentation from the Rutgers University Department of Nursing looks at the classifications of nursing interventions; protocols and standing orders; variables that influence goal/outcome achievement and the five rights of delegation.

 Nursing Diagnoses
Kent State University
This article from Kent State University differentiates nursing diagnosis from medical diagnosis and collaborative problems. It also discusses diagnostic reasoning, formulating and validating nursing diagnoses, prioritization and critical debates of nursing diagnoses.

 Documentation - Every Word Counts!
Kansas University School of Nursing
This guidebook from the KU School of Nursing offers step-by-step instructions for defensive charting, as well as explaining the rationale behind it. It includes a lawyer's chart review and important information on the perils of charting by exception.

 Patient Education: Putting Patient Teaching Into Practice
This online self-study course (free unless you want CE credit) looks at the nurse's role in patient teaching, the theoretical basis and process of patient education; family, age and cultural issues that can affect outcomes; patient compliance; and helping patients with low literacy skills.

 Student Nurse Errors - Who Is Liable?
Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter
A student nurse was assigned an elderly patient during clinicals. She had read the patientís chart and knew the patient had weakness and an unsteady gait. Nonetheless, the student nurse helped her up from the commode, then walked away and left the patient standing with her walker in the bathroom, while the student nurse propped the door hinge open and adjusted her wheelchair, expecting the patient to walk to the wheelchair on her own to transfer with assistance. The patient took a step forward, fell backward and was injured. Is the nursing student liable? The school? The healthcare facility?


Confidence In A Can
Review by Stephanie Thibeault, The Student Nurse Forum

Student nurses have stress filled lives, and anything that can be done to lower that stress level is a plus. During clinicals, forgetting important information during report, losing a list of vital signs, forgetting what a resident's intake and output was for your shift, or that a particular resident had behaviors that need to be charted can lead to disaster. Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool you could use to help organize all your notes - a mini chart-as-you-go workbook? Well there is!

Confidence In A Can is a monthly workbook designed specifically for nurses. No more scraps of paper falling out of your pockets - the Confidence In A Can workbooks offer a handy system for keeping track of important information on your shifts. What's better than that? A FREE sample! I got my free sample a few weeks ago and I love it! Each laminated, pocket-sized workbook comes personalized with your name, and includes an at-a-glance calendar for the month, a VIP phone list, and a system to keep track of information on each of your patients for each shift for a month. These little books are perfect to help you shine during clinicals.

Give it a try - order your FREE sample booklet today! Confidence In A Can


This month, The Student Nurse Advisor offers some tips on test-taking:
DO quickly read through your exam once before answering questions. Answer the questions you know first.
DO answer every question. As long as you are not penalized for guessing, never leave a question blank.
DO pay careful attention to how a question is worded. Watch out for qualifiers such as "always," "sometimes," and "never."
DON'T get hasty on scantron exams. More than one student has made transcription errors (i.e., knowing the correct answer to question #12, but filling in the circle on line #13). Always check and double check to make sure your answers are in the right place.


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Student Nurse Jingles
Cartoon by Carl Elbing, Jr. Thanks to Carl and Bandido Books for allowing it to be reprinted here!

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