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Ad Rates/Subscriber Info
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02
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The Student Nurse Advisor
Produced by The Student Nurse Forum
Editor: Stephanie Thibeault

The #1 E-Zine for Nursing Students!

Publication URL:
Summary: The Student Nurse Advisor is a nursing student's first source for nursing articles, topical news and study resources.
Delivery Method: Email+Web
Publication Dates: 15th of the month
Frequency: Monthly

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information
Subscribe URL:
Subscribe Instructions: To subscribe to The Student Nurse Advisor, e-mail
Unsubscribe Instructions: To unsubscribe, e-mail

Number of Subscribers:  300+
Demographics:  Subscribers are nursing students, current nurses, healthcare/education vendors and those interested in the nursing profession.

Article Submission Information
* Accepts guest articles
* Accepts press releases
* Reviews products

Advertising Information
Trade Policy: Will trade ads with other publications.
Notice Required Before Placing Ads:   5 Days
Ads Per Issue:  2
Ad Restrictions:  Preference given to advertising related to the healthcare and/or educational field.
Banner Ad Policy: Does not currently accept banner ads
CPM: $0.0
Classified Ad Policy: Accepts classified ads
Price per line: $0.00 per line
Agency Discounts: Does Not Offer Agency Discounts

Accepted Payment Methods
Accepts: Check/Money Order, Cash, Purchase Orders, Barter

~ Publisher ~
The Student Nurse Forum
Stephanie Thibeault, Merriam KS 66202

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