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Reading Nook
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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  Reading Nook:
elcome to our Reading Nook - a nice spot for you to take a break and relax!  From personal stories that touch your soul to nursing humor that makes you laugh, the Reading Nook is your respite from the stress of nursing school!

Diary of a Student

This first-hand account chronicles the journey of one student as she follows her dream of becoming a nurse.  Diary of a Student

Your Stories

Moving stories, inspiration and words of wisdom - Your Stories is a compilation of real-life tales from the trenches submitted by student nurses.  Expressing joy, sadness, frustration and humor, these personal experiences remind us of who we are, what we aspire to and why we were called to nursing

Nursing Humor

Laughter is the BEST medicine...especially for nursing students!  Check out our hilarious collection of Nursing Humor!

Student E-Zine

The Student Nurse Advisor is our very own e-zine - a free publication delivered to you once a month via e-mail.  From hot topics to industry news, resource reviews to study tips, The Student Nurse Advisor is full of featured articles and "news-you-can-use" tailored specifically to nursing students and those interested in the profession.  Click on the following link to read previous issues, then sign-up to start receiving our free newsletter in your e-mail box today!   E-Zine

Book Shop

Are you looking for nursing education resources?  NCLEX review? Job hunting guidance specific to the field?  Whatever your reference and resource needs, you can find them at our Book Shop!  

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