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Student Success
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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Student Success:
ursing school success depends largely on several factors:  excellent study and organizational skills, a great attitude and a willingness to work with others, sharing information and support.  Study and organizational skills are just that - learned skills that anyone can use.  We've compiled some great advice and tips to get you started!

Study Tips

Some basic study skills can really make a difference in your performance at school, as well as in how much information you retain.  Click on the following link for some good pointers to get you started:
Study Tips

More Tips from the Pros

Be sure to also check out More Tips From The Pros for advice on studying, test taking, thriving in clinicals, managing school and family, using technology & more!  This comprehensive list of advice and helpful information was compiled over time by nurses who have been there and know what you are going through!

Time Management

Juggling the demands of school and family can make you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions at once.  The ability to prioritize and manage your time well is essential.  Click on the following link for some great advice you can apply right now!  Time Management

Researching on the Web

Your coursework will be greatly enhanced if you know how to use the web to search for information.  Additionally, advanced level nursing courses may require a lot of research.  Finding information on the internet does not have to be a time consuming process.  Click on the following link to learn how to find the information you are searching for on the first try! Researching on the Web

Student Resources

The internet is full of great resources to help nursing students.  Click on the following link for information on some of our favorites, as well as a comprehensive, categorized listing of helpful resources we've scouted out for you.  Student Resources

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