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Community Forums
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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Community Forums:
elcome to our online community forums!  Connecting with other students and nurses is a great way to share information, ask questions and gain support.  To this end, we have developed several ways you can interact with others - they are easy, free and a lot of fun!


Ask-A-Nurse is our Q&A column for students and other individuals interested in the nursing profession. Research and education questions are answered by the site leader, and questions related to nursing practice are answered by one or more members of our nursing panel.  To read previous questions and answers, or to submit a question of your own, click on the following link: Ask-A-Nurse

Message Boards

Message boards are a great tool for information sharing and support.  Click on the following link to participate on our message boards! Message Boards

Chat Room

Chat rooms are the easiest way to meet new people and strike up an online conversation.  We now offer hosted chats for live homework help, career advising and nursing school Q&A.  Our chat room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...stop on in and say hello!  Chat Room

e-Greeting Cards

Spread a little cheer, congratulate your fellow nursing students or send some encouragement with our free nursing e-cards!  Personalize one of our Student Nurse Forum greeting cards by following a few simple, step-by-step instructions - it's easy, fast and a great way to send an virtual hug or pat on the back!  You can even add a voice message or music to your card. Student Nurse Forum greeting cards are free to send and receive - so spread the word and share them with your friends!  Made with our graphics, customized by you:  Greeting Cards


An e-group is an online mailing list that goes through a central server and disseminates posts to the entire group.  e-Groups are a fun way to interact with other students.  For information on a few great e-groups we have found, click on the following link.  e-Groups

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