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Market Place
 This page was last updated on 15-Jun-02

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   Market Place:
elcome to the Student Nurse Forum's Market Place!  Here you will find employment ads, classified ads and online auction listings galore!   

Employment Ads

The employment listings on the Student Nurse Forum are offered as a free service to our visitors. Feel free to browse the listings and respond to job posts you are interested in.  There is no charge for viewing or responding to the listings whatsoever.  Happy hunting!  Employment Ads


Looking to buy some new or used text books?  How about nursing reference materials?  Have a stethoscope or PDA you're looking to sell?  Why not try our online auctions!  Auctions


Another service we offer for free to our visitors is the classified ads page.   Preference is given to ads related to nursing, education and healthcare, but all ads meeting submission guidelines will be considered.  Place your ad here for free! Classifieds

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